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PeppinoPeppino Denim is a niche premium denim line designed for women.

Freely inspired by original workwear and military pants, featuring the same volumes and details - combined with the simplicity of Japanese aesthetic.

The mission of PeppinoPeppino is to explore the potentialities of denim, creating unexpected, unusual silhouettes.

PeppinoPeppino is ironic, unconventional, wearable, comfortable and superior quality.

All the garments are made in Italy, using exclusively Italian fabrics (Candiani and Berto), accessories are YKK., with replica zippers made by YKK Japan.

About Peppino Peppino

I have been working in the fashion business for almost 20 years and creating a denim brand has always been something that I wanted to accomplish.

In March 2015 I founded PeppinoPeppino, a web magazine focused on denim, vintage workwear and Japanese aesthetic.

I have always been fascinated by niche brands, outside the globalized fashion mainstream.

Through the blog and Instagram, I have been able to gather a group of faithful followers that understand and appreciate the style of my posts and feeds.

Part of the PeppinoPeppino’s journey are, among the others, Alessio Berto, my precious and irreplaceable pattern maker and the designer Teppei Sugaya.