Zace “farm-to-street denim”

I am not a big fan of social media. However, you need to put your name out there, especially if you have a blog or a business.

I recently joined Instagram. I must say that it is a useful instrument to discover cool brands. The other day, for instance, I was scrolling down the images posted by people I follow, when I got caught by this text: “I have never been interested in having many followers…the man and the women wearing Zace are real hard working folks, just like myself”.

Pretty cool vision.

The author of these lines is Zace Myers, organic farmer and founder of Zace Denim, a denim label based in Ohio, that offers a line of functional and durable workwear that includes selvedge jeans, overalls, vest, hats and jackets.


Everything Zace produces is handmade on vintage Singer and Union Special sewing machines. Each pair of jeans is constructed out of vintage deadstock denim, sourced from Cone Mills and other mills around the world, such as Kurabo in Japan or Candiani in Italy.


Zace oversees all the processes, from sourcing the denim, to designing and manufacturing.  He also spends at least one year wearing each piece, while working in the farm field, to make sure everything produced meets his own standards of durability and functionality.



He created a small and very local manufacturing neighborhood, helping Amish families and farmers who work in there to improve their income during winter months.

“Our clothing is all farmer made, farmer tested, farmer true.”


Click on Zace USA’s website and browse the collection. Order a pair of row jeans and do not forget a button bandana!

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