Welcome back PF Flyers

For all of you who don’t know what PFs are, they are a brand of athletic shoes that are currently manufactured by New Balance. They were first produced by BF Goodrich in 1937. By the 1960s, PF flyers were one of the most popular shoes in America.

PFs stands for Posture Foundation, an insole that aided in distributing weight on the foot, reducing strain on the legs and making the shoes more comfortable to wear. The brand was purchased by Converse but later sold off due to antitrust issues. New Balance bought the rights to the brand in 2001 and resurrected the PF flyers brand in 2003.



The style most commonly associated with the shoe is the iconic “Center Hi”, a canvas-duck sneaker with a patch that reads “PF Flyers.



PF Flyers were featured in the 1993 film The Sandlot. Towards the end of the film, the character Benny wears an all-black pair of Center Hi’s – the narration tells us they are “guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher.”



I don’t have anything else to add. Unfollow the crowd and get one pair of PFs.


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