Wanted! Adidas Allround, Mr. Munk help me if you read this post

On Saturday I went to Mitte (at the moment my favorite neighborhood in Berlin). Even if I was not in my usual shopping mood, I couldn’t help to browse around Wood Wood store.

Wood Wood is a super cool Danish label that has opened two stores in Rochstraße. One of them is a shoes store with a huge selection of sneakers.

I was leaving the store when I saw them: Adidas Allround. The Allaround was first launched in 1955 to address an increasing demand for a high cut cross-training.  This re-release is based off the 1976 version which was built on a unique PU tooling also seen in other iconic 70s trainers.




The store had only two numbers left, a 43 and 38 (my number). Surprised for being so lucky, I tried the 38 on. Of course they were too small!

I run to the Adidas store next door and a guy told me that they are sold out everywhere. I checked the best German on line sneaker stores, no one pair left.




Some of you can help me out, please? I need a 38 and 1/2. Mr.Munk are you there?

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  1. Ingrid 25 May 2015 at 19:14 - Reply

    These are amazing!

  2. Henrik Munk 3 June 2015 at 19:14 - Reply

    Simo! I wish I could help you!
    I have been checking everywhere! And I can’t find your size. I’m sorry.

    They are pretty amazing, and if anyone reading would like to buy, then they still have a few pieces left here: https://www.ikrix.com/en/allround-og-high-top-sneakers-adidas-7234

    I hope you’ll find them somewhere, Simo…

    • Simona 3 June 2015 at 20:05 - Reply

      Thanks Munk for checking out! You are the best as usual!

  3. Peter 5 August 2015 at 09:40 - Reply

    Hello Simona,
    i was searching this special sneakers too, and i bought it at :

    There is one in size 6 !!

    Hallo Simona,
    habe die Sneaker auch lange gesucht !
    Habe sie online bei GENERE GB Italy gekauft, siehe Link.

    Schreib mal ob du sie gekauft hast ! 🙂
    Insta: AlladineSane76

    LG Péter

    • Simona 5 August 2015 at 20:32 - Reply

      Dear Peter! You are the best. Thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by. Simona

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