W.H. Ranch Dungarees only for purists of denim

W.H. Ranch Dungarees is a niche denim brand, created by Ryan Martin in the small town of Berthoud just North of Denver, Colorado.


Ryan had been dreaming to own his denim label for a long time. In November 2012 he launched White Horse Trading Co. Dungarees.

White Horse Trading Company is a true one-man label. Every denim jacket, every pair of jeans is hand-made in Colorado by Ryan himself. One man, one pair at a time, from start to finish.

As a sixth generation sewer and pattern maker, Ryan has learnt construction techniques passed down from generation to generation in his family. No need to highlight his obsessive attention to details, to the fabrics and the hardware used.



Ryan combines a classic Western cowboys aesthetic with a touch of refreshing modern ideas. The pictures below have been shot by Ryan’s friend, the talented photographer Mr. Cory Piehowicz.




For Ryan, though, White Horse was a first experiment to test fits, fabrics, and techniques. In 2014 White Horse became W.H. Ranch Dungarees. The core of the business is still the bespoke, made it to order offer (the heritage collection).




However, Ryan felt the urge to evolve the spirit of the label, adding, not only a wider range of fits, but also a ready to wear line, featuring shirts, accessories and outerwear.

Ryan’s mission is still to make the best pair of jeans on the market.

“I have yet to make that perfect pair, it is a goal I tirelessly strive for each and every day. I am never satisfied because I can always be better. It is an obsession…Making a good pair of jeans will never be enough. You have to continue to look for opportunities to challenge yourself, expand your ideas and expand your brand”.

I am sure Ryan will fulfill his goal. Check out his website for more information.

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