Viva i Mods: US Army shell parka M51 or M65

You can find any type of parka in the market: in cotton, in nylon, light, heavy, long, short but…if you are looking for something special, I would definitely opt for an original US Army shell parka M65 or M51.

To make you understand what I am talking about, please watch Quadrophenia, the “mod” manifesto.


The parka worn by Jimmy in the film Quadrophenia is a M51 fishtail parka shell. What is the difference between M51 and M65 fishtail parka?

The M51 fishtail parka was produced by the U.S. Army in the 1950’s (it was originally developed for American soldiers on the Korean Peninsula) and it is therefore rarer and older than the later produced M65 fishtail parka which first came into production in 1968.

The other main difference is the outer shells. The M51 outer shell has a hood which is part of it. The M65 had no attached hood, but a separate unit can be buttoned on. Both parka below are on sale at Vintage Trend.



There is a world out there of fishtail parka lovers. Click the links down below if you want more information.

I found my M65 on ebay. If you buy your parka on line, remember to size down as they come quite big, They needed, in fact, to be large enough to be worn wear over an uniform.


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