Vétra 1927 French workwear with a history

Vétra was founded by Edouard Beerens in Paris in 1927 on Saint-Louis Island, at 3 rue de Bretonvilliers.

Its name derives from “vêtements du travailleur”, clothes for the worker. Vétra has been, in fact, since its early years, specialized in men’s workwear. The logo, which has not changed since then, features red letters upon a black factory.



Vétra is still run by Beerens family and continues to produce, true-to-tradition, authentic workwear with details taken from the uniforms of traditional labourers. All the garments are manufactured in France.

The brand’s output ranges from caps to shorts, shirts and trousers. Their signature pieces are a series of unlined casual blazers rendered in heavy and durable cotton twills. The iconic color is the the “bleu du travail” (France’s answer to indigo).




Practical and simple garments that get better with age, as the years pass and the rich blue begin to fade: Vétra becomes even more faithful to the essence of Edouard Beerans’ original rugged designs.

Check out the company website for more information.

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