Upper Class…les enfants terribles of denim

There are different reasons why a brand is successful and gets the attention of the media. An appealing product is definitely the main factor. But it is not only this. Each label must convey a message, a vision. I discovered Upper Class denim thanks to Instagram and I want to share their unique vision with you.

“We are artist, we are perfectionist, we are denim lovers”! This how the crew behind this exciting denim label defines itself.

Upper Class is a Swiss brand, based in Zurich, founded in 1990 by a group of friends who shared the same passion for graffiti and street culture, “Les Enfants Terribles Street Artist Crew”.


They used graffiti to decorate the urban landscape of Zurich and to communicate critical messages about the society and the environment. They started, in fact, making limited edition t-shirts featuring different type of slogans and, eventually, expanded to denim.



Denim is now the core of their collections. And their denim is amazing! The production is made exclusively in Italy. They use only the best high quality selvedge denim coming from Japan, comfort Italian denim and organic Turkish denim.


Each pair of jeans is delivered only if every detail, every thread, every seam is carefully checked. “Details make the difference” is their slogan.




This un-compromised high quality makes every pair of jeans unique, timeless and extremely durable. Nothing is accidental, every detail reminds their artistic activities on the streets.

Their signature is a lightening bolt embroidered in the back pockets, symbolizing the “danger zone” signal they encounter in the railways during their nocturnal painting adventures. The color orange represents the color of the railway workers.



The 21-3 barcode, embroidered in the back pocket originates from the code language used by the Upper Class crew as a signature for its work. The numbers 21 and 3 stand for the letters U and C in their alphabetic position.


I highly recommend to check out their website and take a look at their full range.

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