Unique and functional caps, handmade in Sydney, Australia

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But let’s go back to the subject of this post, a very special label, Troy O’Shea handmade caps.


I have never worn hats before last winter. Living in Berlin I had to, If I didn’t want my ears to get frozen.

Caps are underrated accessories. In reality they are very cool, especially the ones handmade by Troy.

I touched base with Troy last week and I found out that we both have a true passion for Japan (where he lived for three years), craftsmanship and workwear. Troy has always had an interest in clothing, design and manufacturing. In mid-2014 he came across some beautiful, handmade cycling caps in San Francisco. This inspired him to purchase a sewing machine and start out making cycling and work caps.

All the caps are handcrafted, from start to finish, by Troy in Sydney, Australia, where he lives with his wife, who is Japanese and help him out in sourcing the fabrics.



Troy uses only the finest materials that he gets exclusively in Japan (such as Collect Mill in Okayama, the same mill used by denim giants, such as Momotaro), Australia and US.

No need to say that I am in love with what Troy makes. All the caps have a beautiful, old-fashion heritage look, being inspired by authentic, vintage workwear. Check out this awesome 14oz pink selvedge denim work cap.


Schermata 2016-04-30 alle 19.05.29

And what about these 8oz re-production WWII herringbone twill and 11oz indigo selvedge wabash duck canvas work caps? Just beautiful.



Troy puts a great effort to create the highest quality caps, using the same attention and devotion as a real Japanese craftsman. Each cap comes with a guarantee that it will age beautifully with time and wear.
I highly recommend you to check out Troy’s website and to go through his entire range (his cycling caps are also awesome). I will definitely buy one of his caps and proudly wear it in the sunny Italy.
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