Understand the value of American made product: Freenote Cloth

There has been a “proudly made in US” coming back over the past few years.

I care a lot about this subject. I come from Italy, a country where there used to be many manufactures that closed down due to the delocalization of the production in Asia, in East Europe or Turkey. Tons of jobs and expertise lost in favor of easy profits.

Peppino is a platform that focuses exclusively on brands that care more about quality than quantity, whose mission is to offer an authentic and genuine product made by local craftsmen.

Freenote Cloth is definitely one of these labels. The founders, Matt and Andrew Brodrick, celebrate their made in USA, with a strong commitment to the highest possible quality.


They launched the brand in 2013 in San Juan Capistrano, California, with the mission of making “the best men’s clothing in the U.S”.

Freenote is a classic American menswear collection, known for for their timeless and built to last range of selvedge denim, waxed canvas jackets, chinos and woven shirts, manufactured exclusively in Los Angeles, California.




Matt and Andrew get inspiration mainly from the authentic American heritage, modernizing this aesthetic with contemporary and tailored fits.



They source the best fabrics and hardware from both Japan and the States.


Authentic American culture, durability, quality, wearability those are the ingredients that make Freenote Cloth a brand to watch out for.  Take a look at their website to learn more and to browse their collections.

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