UES Clothing MFG Co.: Keep your memories with denim

Last year I spent 2 weeks in Tokyo and I discovered a small shop in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Daikanyama.



From the outside it looked like a cozy, little house, no windows or big signs. This amazing place is the UES Denim workshop in Tokyo.
UES is a Japan based raw denim maker.

The brand name is supposed to be derived from the word ‘waste’, expressing the hope that their items will be worn down until the end of their life instead of languishing in a closet.


“Looking around our lives, we are surrounded by so many things. Are they really being fully-used? Do we sometimes throw these things away even though they are still usable? We think that it is very important to choose genuine products to appreciate the real value. Also use them till the end of their life in order to fulfill their role. We don’t follow the trends in fashion”.


Woven on old wooden shuttle looms from Zimbabwe cotton, their denim is soft touch and strong, and is appreciated for its slowly fading. One of their signature denims is the ‘400T’ raw denim: a modern and tapered silhouette that comes with a slightly higher rise and more room in the thigh area. The denim is 14.9 oz unsanforized.




The good news is that you can order their wide range of products on line: denim pants, socks, shoes, t-shirts, flannel shirts and amazing accessories.



The website is very easy to navigate and features inspirational images and interesting information about the UES’s world and philosophy.

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