Ts(s) Japan

Japanese label Ts(s) is one of the most impressive labels in terms of superior quality and construction techniques.

Takuji Suzuki, the founder and designer,  is a popular name in Tokyo

In addition to being the younger brother of Daiki, that of Engineered Garment, Takuji is considered to be a sort of child prodigy of Japanese fashion. He launched his beautiful label Ts(s) in 1999.


Ts(s) offers an interesting and refined balance between casual and formal, workwear e sportswear, simplicity and sophistication.

Takuji focuses on unexpected detailing, exploring extraordinary textile combinations that make this brand’s products truly unique.

Its upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 collection features re-interpreted traditional menswear silhouettes, drawing inspiration from hunting and workwear.

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Schermata 2015-10-04 alle 21.37.59

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Schermata 2015-10-04 alle 21.47.46

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Check out the full collection. I would take a look at the past seasons as well: they are truly amazing.

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