The story behind Hiut Denim Co., simple, understated jeans made in Wales

Hiut Denim Co. is a small family company founded by husband and wife duo David and Clare Hieatt.

The story behind this denim label is brilliant and very unconventional.

When the Britain’s biggest jeans factory in Cardigan (Wales) closed down, David, who was in the process of launching a new business, Hiut Denim Co, managed to re-employ some of its workers and let them use their remarkable, four decades of expertise in denim craftsmanship. David’s goal is to bring all jobs back in a few years.



“We believe in how great ideas build companies and change industries. And it’s our aim to be one of the most creative jeans companies in the world that has ideas that will change the denim industry”.

David and Clare offer only raw, unwashed and authentic jeans, working with the best denim mills in the world (12 oz. Turkish organic and 14.5 oz selvedge from Japan’s Kuroki mill). Their jeans are just beautiful.



The production requires 41 stages, that’s why the factory can make not more a small amount of jeans per day.

“We are here to make the best jeans we can, not the most jeans we can”. The company’s mission is, in fact, “do one thing well”. “We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything…”.



This is not the end of the story. Each pair of jeans comes with a HistoryTag, a code sewn on the label. When that unique number is registered on the website (, the jeans’ new owners will be able to see seven pictures of their jeans being made.

I strongly advise you to head over to Hiut’s website to get a full overview of the products and understand better the amazing company’s vision.

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