The perfect pair of denim

Aren’t you tired of skinny jeans? I am. They have been around for so many years. Time to change ok?

You have a lot of choices folks.

My first one would be the painter jeans of Margarett Howell. Unwashed japanese selvedge denim. If you try them on size up, as they fit really small.


If you are up for something more comfortable, at least in the first months you wear them, go for the Current Elliott boyfriend jeans There are different washes available: loved, super loved, loved destroy and super loved destroy.

My favorite is the super loved.

theboyfriend_19570001_loved_crop_1 theboyfriend_19570001_superloved_croptheboyfriend_19570001_loveddestroy_crop_2theboyfriend_19570001_suplovedestroy_crop_1

Finally…if you have a lot of money to spend…well…go for Chimala, available at Madewell or Mill Mercantile.


Truly Japanese denim. Amazing.



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