The best sweater comes from Japan!

While I was looking at the last Clutch issue, I got caught by the picture of this Glad Hand & C. sweater.

How cool is that?


Graphic hand painted clutches and bags are also available.


Glad Hand & C. is one of those brands that you can discover only in Japan.


This is the description of the brand in their web site.

“When you hold a Glad Hand product in your hand you feel the quality and care that went into creating our product. We are passionate about history and culture and love things that have been hand-crafted. We are not here just for this special day but to be together with you in your everyday life. We also wish to share our passions with always more friends and followers. Thank you from the bottom of our heart”.

Nothing else to add.

 If you go to Tokyo, down below the address. Not retailers in Europe, unfortunately.

GLAD HAND & Co. Head Shop
2-19-11, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan


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