Talking about the Abstraction: an amazing Japanese brand

I love Japanese label Talking About the Abstraction, abbreviated TaTa.

Talking About The Abstraction, based in Osaka, has been around since 2001. The minds behind this fascinating project are the designers Naoki Ichihara, Tadanao Yamashita, and Shingo Otsuka.

Not easy to define TaTa’s unique style. It is a combination of different influences: there is Americana vintage and workwear, street culture, high tech, blended with with signature Japanese touches. TaTa is definitely a brand for a minority who looks for something exciting and out of ordinary. Pure unconventional creativity.



Their creative and relaxed casual wear is made with a meticulous attention to detail. Check out below some images from their super cool FA15 collection: baggy chinos, destroyed denim, comfy sweaters with military bombers, leather jackets and more.





I highly recommend to visit TaTa’s website. You will fall in love with this brand.

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