Story mfg, a beautiful British indie label in the denim market

Nowadays, the market is saturated with US and Japanese denim.

However, the UK denim scene has become more and more interesting over the past years. I have already talked about independent labels, such as Dawson DenimEndrime and Hiut, that have built up their business using local factories and artisans to craft their jeans, offering timeless and extremely high quality products.

Today I want to talk about another amazing British denim brand: Story mfg, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and creative denim brand in the market.

One of the reasons why I was so intrigued by this label is their philosophy. First of all, their motto is “slow made”: all their products are born out of an extremely slow process: “Our tagline – Slow Made – highlights the celebration of the production processes along with the serious level of skill, emotion and time involved”.

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Also, Story mfg uses exclusively organic fabrics and natural dyes. “Our emphasis on non-chemical processes means a huge focus for us…We use earth- friendly plant dyes wherever possible…We do sometimes use non natural dyed materials – but only when using deadstock or recycled fabric”.



The founders of Story mfg are Bobbin Threadbare and his partner Katy Katazome. Bobbin is a technology researcher and writer. Katy has a background in denim design and trend forecasting.



Story mfg was born out of their need to create something new, something that is not already out there. “We will never create something which is boring and done. Unless we have something to bring to the conversation we don’t see the point of joining in.”  

Bobby and Katy like to define their products as “unseasonal” and timeless. How not to fall in love with their iconic 0 Jean and Time jacket?



And there is so much more that Story mfg has to offer to an audience that is ready for something unique. I picked up a few of my Spring Summer 16 favorite looks.

Story mfg | J Foxton

Story mfg | J Foxton

Story mfg | J Foxton

Their main font of inspiration are old vintage pieces found in flea markets or owned by friends and family.

The production is, at the moment, made entirely in England. Bobby and Katy have been working since the beginning of their journey with Cookson and Clegg, a company that have been making workwear for decades. However, they do not exclude to use the expertise of denim artisans of other countries.

I highly recommend you to check out Story Mfg’s website for more information about this beautiful label.

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