Speaking about Breton stripes…Orcival

Some pieces of clothes characterize a whole nation. Like the baguette, the Breton shirt stands for the French stereo type.

In March 1858 the first Breton, blue & white striped shirt was seen in the French marine’s workwear. The former 21 stripes helped to better discover sailors who fell overboard in the water. According to an old, popular knowledge from Brittany, each of the 21 stripes corresponds to a naval victory of Napoleon’s French fleet against the British.


Talking about Breton stripes, let me open this parenthesis. Check out these Mr.Freedom limited edition Bretons shirt, cut and sewn from original old fabric stock.


Let’s go back to the topic! While everyone knows Saint James Breton stripe shirts, Orcival has remained relatively unknown.

Orcival was founded in 1939 in Lyon. The company dressed the Breton fishermen and, for several decades, was the official outfitter of the French marine. Orcival’s trademark is a blue fly.


100% of ORCIVAL products are made in France with a great emphasis on the right fitting and manufacturing quality.

Orcival uses lightweight combed cotton that gets stronger after washing. So the more you wear your Breton shirt, the better it looks.

Wear one of the authentic, timeless Orcival Breton shirts with dark denim rolled up, a pair of American loafers. And…do not forget to add an indigo 45rpm bandana!

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