Shop at Sanforized Mercantile, please!

The weather is unstable, especially if you live in north of Europe, like me.

Better buy a nice and cozy sweatshirt to wear over your t-shirt when it gets chilly. There are a lot of choices out there. No doubt about it. However, if you want to wear something unique, I highly recommend you to check out Sanforized Mercantile.

Sanforized Mercantile is a vintage on line store. It is like entering in one of those vintage shops, full of amazing stuff, that you can only find in Tokyo.


Take a look at their amazing selection of sweatshirts. You can get this late 1950’s fraternity sweatshirt, Alpha Beta Phi, founded back in the 1920’s for the University of California Berkeley.


And what about this super cool Far Rockaway High School (Queens NYC) sweatshirt from the 1950’s era?


Or this 1950’s cut off sweatshirt?


I am in love with this vintage Peanuts sweatshirt. Perfect for me…no wonder why…check the text in the back…



This is just a small selection of the products that you can find at Sanforized Mercantile. Browse their web site to discover the rest!

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