Saucony a nice discovery in Milan

Last weekend I was in Milan and I saw quite a lot of people wearing a pair of Saucony sneakers.

Saucony is a well known shoe brand, however when it comes to buy a pair of sneakers everyone seems to opt for Nike or Adidas.

I checked out on Wikipedia and found out that Saucony has been around for a long time. The company’s first factory was, in fact, founded in 1898 at Kutztown, Pennsylvania, on the high banks of the Saucony Creek.


The Saucony ‘S’ logo represents the endless flow of that waterway, along with its creek bed, featured by the three distinct dots.


Saucony is pronounced ‘sock-a-knee’. This was actually printed on their boxes for quite a while, presumably to help clear up the correct way to say the name.

The company offers a variety of footwear, such as running, racing and walking. My favorite is the Jazz Original, available in a huge selection of colors.


I am considering to buy a pair of those. If you have the same idea, check out the company web site.

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