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I have already mentioned my passion for vintage clothing, especially when it comes to workwear and army supply. There is something magic in visiting a vintage store and buy an old, unique and authentic piece of clothing that somebody worn back in the days.

But let’s go back to the subject of this post: John Gluckow and his exciting brand Strongarm & Supply Clothing Co.

John Gluckow is a well-known vintage clothing dealer based in NYC. He has been in the business for more than 20 years and he is considered an expert in this field. He studied menswear at New York’s FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and during this time, began selling vintage to pay for college. By the time he finished FIT, he was fully immersed in the vintage business and had already begun collecting the archive that is now the “reference library” for his menswear brand.


Being passionate about vintage Americana in Japan, John spends a great deal of time there. He knows the Japanese passion for quality and sees their ability to make the best clothing in the world. It is in Tokyo, in fact, where he found a partner who could produce his line: Yohei Goto, owner of Jelado.

John used to buy a lot of vintage items from Jelado in Tokyo. When he finally met Yohei Goto, they decided to work together on a clothing brand.


John has used his knowledge and expertise of vintage clothing to inspire an amazing range of garments.


The aim of John Gluckow’s Strongarm Clothing & Supply Co is to make menswear that has its basis in America’s deep history of functional clothing design-workwear, military, sports, and outdoor clothing; but also, to make clothing that is wearable in the modern world without looking like costume or a replica. 

Below some of my favorite Fall15 outfits. Such cool stuff! The photographer who shot these stunning pictures is John’s friend Eric Kvatek (Kapital photographer).






You can see the full collection of at the Jelado store in Ebisu or at any of our retail partners listed on the brand’s website.

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