Pure Blue Japan…post dedicated to hermano Nicola

I’d recommend taking a look at the brand Pure Blue Japan.

It’s made by a supplier who made jeans for 45rpm before they parted ways. Beautiful denim. Outstanding actually. Considered by some people better than 45’s current jeans. Priced well too.

Indigo Blue is at the center of this traditional Japanese Denim Brand, founded by Ken-ichi Iwaya in 1997, in Kurashiki-city Okayama, Japan.



PBJ uses only natural indigo that covers every shade from light natural to super extreme purple.


Glance at the back right pocket of a pair of Pure Blue Japans and you will see a stitched indigo leaf. This represents the vision of the company—the purest, most genuine and living blue jeans money can buy.


PBJ’s, as they are often called, are woven on vintage, low-tension shuttle looms, giving them an irregular, slubby hand (slub is a very desirable denim characteristic giving the denim a hairy and rough surface).


The symbol of the natural indigo leaf inspires their entire collection that delivers indigo socks, caps, scarves, sweats and henleys.


Check out these 100% cotton knit beanies that have been garment dyed by the indigo masters at Pure Blue Japan, meaning each beanie starts off white and is dunked individually. This process leads to differences in dye concentrations and a different look for every single hat.


Visit their web site. Link down below.


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