Protec…Bologna…an amazing store in the heart of Bologna!

I know Bologna quite well, as I lived there for a while.

If there was one store that I really loved, it was Protec. A store with so many good brands (Levi’s, Filson, Red Wings, among the others). It is like heaven on earth for me.




It doesn’t happen very often that I get emotional when I enter into a store. That’s how I felt when I visited Protec for the first time. Everything was perfect: the choice of brands, the display (tidy but interesting), the general vibe.

The lovely thing about the store is the story of the owners, they came to Bologna all the way from America years ago to start a store born out of their passion.



“Clothes with a destiny”, how they like to call it, is their way of providing the right garments which will last forever.


Check out the links below! Unfortunately they don’t offer to shop on line. If you are in Bologna don’t miss the chance to visit the store.

Via Porta Nova, 2, 40123 Bologna, Italy.

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