Mac Pietrasanta

I was born in Pietrasanta, a lovely, medieval small town in Versilia (Tuscany), a few kilometers from the sea.

If you are looking for a holiday destination, I highly recommend you to check it out. Strategic location (you can easily reach Florence and Lucca by train), peaceful beaches near by, romantic restaurants, secret alleys full of little stores.

One store that you should definitely visit while there is MacMac was opened by Sandra and Maria Sole a long time ago, becoming well known all over Italy for its special selection of brands. A magic oasis where you can find vintage forniture, clothes, jewelry and shoes. An unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary concept store, carrying not easy to find labels such as Bergfabel, Rundolz, Forme d’expression, Massimo Giussani, Trippen, to name a few.

Sandra and Maria Sole will welcome you to the store, walking you through their amazing space, located in Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 86 Pietrasanta. Follow them on Facebook to take a look at it!

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