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My life has been quite hectic over the past few weeks. I have been very busy at work, attended a few fairs, Pitti and Denim Boulevard (stay tuned relevant posts will be on line soon). Most importantly, I will face another big change, moving back to Amsterdam. I must admit that I am quite excited about it.

Peppino will definitely benefit from being back to the denim Mecca. To celebrate it, today I would like to talk about Sashiko Denim.

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The guy behind Sashiko Denim is Pey. I got to know him on Instagram. I was so impressed by his work that I could not help to ask him some information about his activity.

Pey does not craft denim pants, he repairs them. “I simply appreciate a worn and torn pair of jeans so much more than a machine made pair of ‘designer’ denim pants”.

His background is very fascinating, especially for a Japan lover like me. Being passionate about hand stitched denim repair, Pey ended up in Japan where he spent some time learning the ancient art of Sashiko stitching.

Sashiko is a form of traditional Japanese hand embroidery. Originally, Sashiko was used to repair or add strength to worn out areas of clothing. It is an ancient form of craft dating back to the 17th century, when farmers would patch up clothes using pieces of old kimonos or hemp fabric, making the garment last long enough to be passed through generations.

For Pey, Sashiko is not only a sturdy method for mending denim, but also a meditative and relaxing form of art. An art that has inspired a lot of denimheads who take their denim pants to Pey’s studio to be repaired.

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Pey told me that “the key to the Sashiko stitch is to let go of perfection (easier said than done for a perfectionist) and learn to appreciate the art of imperfection”. 貴大 stands for takahiro, which means “great value”. Pey sees his art as great value added to the denim.

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Pey works in his studio in Amsterdam. His repair service is available any time and worldwide.

Follow him on Instagram for more information. I hope to be able to visit his studio soon!

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  1. Enrico 15 September 2016 at 15:10 - Reply

    Where is pey’s studio for repairwork.

    Gr Enrico

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