Once I was lost in NYC and I found 45rpm

I don’t particularly like traveling alone. Anyway, years ago, I went to NYC by myself. I spent almost a week there. The goal of the trip was…discovering new stores…do some shopping…getting the NYC vibes.

For some reasons I never used the tube. Instead, I walked like crazy, which is quite unusual for me (as I am notoriously a super lazy person). I got lost so many times!

I was wandering around Soho, when I got caught by an unknown sign, 45rpm.

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I was already in love with Japanese fashion, having been in Japan twice, however in that very moment I said to myself…this is it…this is what I like, this is my world. Entering in a 45rpm store is like having a zen experience.


Originally a denim company that has extended out to full apparel, 45rpm creates super relaxed clothing with a strong focus on quality and craft.


All  jeans are made with Zimbabwe organic cotton. They are all selvedge denim, weaved on antique vintage denim selvedge looms, slowed down to increase the slubby texture. A sort of bespoke denim. The type of denim you can live in for years…

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This is 45rpm philosophy.

[blockquote text=’Japanese people have been doing this for a long time. Creating items that are gentle to people, sturdy, long lasting and ingenious. We excavate these “great things” of Japan, and try to recreate them. We want to share the power of Japanese style with the world. “We want people from around the world to wear our garments happily.” Based on this simple philosophy, by creating “items, people, and company” that are globally appreciated, we contribute to the artisans and craftspeople who make our items, our customers and our communities. This is what 45rpm aspires to.’ text_color=” title_tag=” width=” line_height=’undefined’ background_color=” border_color=” show_quote_icon=’no’ quote_icon_color=” quote_icon_size=”]

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Shades of indigo dominate the brand’s color palette season after season. Most the indigo pieces are hand dyed, using traditional dying techniques. This makes the blue color very intense, rich and vivid.

image002 image001

Quality and attention to detail is the mantra at R by 45rpm. However, this attention to details means that their products are quite expensive…
Check out their website, address down below.



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