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As you all know, I am passionate about Japan and Japanese denim.

I came across a web site that I highly recommend you.


This web site gives you the possibility to buy on line the best premium Japanese Selvedge. All the brands available come from the textile town of Kojima in the prefecture of Okayama.


Kojima, a seaside district in the city of Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, is known as Japan’s “denim Mecca” because it is where most of the Japanese jeans are produced (such as Momotaro, Big John and Pure Blue Japan jeans to name a few).

Kojima has managed to play an integral role in the Japanese textile industry since the early twentieth century. The jeans manufactures in Kojima have chosen to produce denim from vintage weaving machines, known as shuttle looms. Most of these denim houses still use indigo cotton dyed by hand.



At the moment there are over 30 firms producing finished jeans in the area. This concentration of producers has made Kojima a magnet for jeans enthusiasts from around the world.

Click the link down below for an exhaustive explanation of what makes Kojima the denim capital.


Check out this amazing Pure Blue Japan Indigo patchwork tee, available at Okayama denim. Very Junya Watanabe but much cheaper!

1. Pure Blue Japan…126 euro.


2. Junya Watanabe…400 euro.


I am also in love with those Tenrio Denim sneakers.


Down below the Okayama denim web site. They ship oversea, good chance to buy one of their amazing products!


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