Missing shoes…stylists…and denim overalls…

Last Friday I worked at a photo shoot. Nothing fancy, but there was music, lots of clothes, buyers and stylists.

Two people caught my attention, giving me the inspiration for this post, Manon and Hanna! I don’t want to play the Sartorialist here, but these two were very cool!

Manon is the only person I know who is looking elegant and stylish even without her shoes on! Hanna looked so cool in her outfit that made me want to buy a denim overall!

If you need an amazing stylist: Hanna Van Den Bos. Link down below.



So my next purchase is going to be a denim overall folks! The challenge will be to find the right one!

Let me say a few words about overalls first.

Denim “overalls” or “bib-and-brace overalls” or “dungarees” have long been associated with rural men and boys in the U.S. South and Midwest. Farmers and railroad workers worn dungarees as protective clothing that kept them from getting too dirty.

ethel-miner-copy railwayworkersinoveralladvert

The pictures above are from https://blairmountainreenactment.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/the-history-of-overalls/. Click on this link for more information about the history of overalls. 

To be cool, an overall must be vintage, baggy and comfortable, like the one that Demi Moore worn in Ghost. This is, in my opinion, the spirit of a truly heritage overall.


Ralph Lauren’s overalls are also amazing, made from faded denim, featuring allover rips and repairs.

ralph-lauren-overalls  ralph_lauren-spring_10_3042010133856

Japanase brands such as Chimala or Orslow are on the same page…


Not to mention vintage pieces such as this Lee Jeans ‘Union Made’ Dungaree that I found at http://www.long-john.nl.



Anyway, with these images in my mind this afternoon I went out to find my dungaree. First stop, my favorite store in Amsterdam, Tenue de Nîmes. Look at what I found in the window? I went in and guess what? It was not on sale as it is part of the owners’s personal vintage archive!


I have two choices here…either going to Zara or browsing around this amazing vintage website…I will let you know!

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