Make the purchase of a bag easier: opt for a beautiful Forestbound bag

I somehow envy people who are able to make things with their hands, whether is a pair of denim, like Zace D Mayers or bags, like Alice Saunders, artists that craft products of quality and beauty.

I have already talked about Zace in one of my previous posts, today I am here to tell Alice’s story. Alice Saunders is the mind behind Forestbound, a unique, “one-woman” line of accessories, based in Somerville, Massachusetts.



Alice Saunders constructs stunning, durable, one-of-a-kind totes, weekenders and pouches using exclusively found and salvaged textiles that make each bag truly unique. Her beautiful bags feature materials such as canvas, coming from WWII era military duffel bags and tents, boy-scout bags, painters cloths, old apron…


“One weekend while at an indoor flea market,” Alice recalls, “I stumbled upon a WWII era US military duffle bag and something major went off in my brain. I could use this beautiful, indestructible olive green canvas to make something new…” With that original duffle, she created her first Forestbound bag, and put it on Etsy. It sold almost immediately.






Alice now sews and finishes every single bag in a proper workspace in Somerville, MA. The sewing machines, or “workhorses” as she refers to them as, are all from the mid-70’s. When she is not in her studio, she is out in local flea markets and antique stores in search of the perfect well-worn historic textiles and hardware to work with.


“Uncovering a beautiful piece of fabric or leather from many years ago has proved to be by far the most inspiring thing for me”. 



Owning a Forestbound bag is really like owning a piece of history. I am totally in love with Alice’s bags and I share her vision of producing, on a small scale, unique and handmade products.

Head over her website for more information.

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