Japanese poetry: Toujours

As you know, I am passionate about Japan: food, writers, brands, magazines, everything about this country inspires me.

I have been doing a lot of research and every time I discover a new brand I am always surprised to see how Japanese designers are able to make such as beautiful garments. Simple and understated silhouettes, focus on subtle and original details. Japanese designers are like “poets”.

Today I want to direct your attention to the Fall15 Toujours collection. I have already mentioned this label in one of my previous posts.

The Fall15 collection is amazing. Below some of my favorite outfits taken from the official look book.

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.04.20

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.04.40

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.06.15

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.05.38

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.06.54

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.07.12

Schermata 2015-10-03 alle 17.21.47

I highly recommend you to check the whole collection on the company’s website.

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