I want one of those bags, ‘Bleu de chauffe’

“Bleu de chauffe” was originally the name of the blue jacket worn by French steam engine workers in the late 1800s.

It is, in fact the passion for workwear that made Thierry Batteux and Alexandre Rousseau to start their leather goods brand, Bleu de chauffe. Inspired by plumbers, postmen, doctors, Bleu de chauffe revisits the heritage work bags that become unique accessories made in France.


Check out their amazing postman bag!


Or their re-interpretation of a classic plumber bag…


Workwear, craftsmanship, authenticity and ecology are the core values that Bleu de chauffe stands for.

Each bag is made in their workshop in the Aveyron (South of France) where skilled artisans cut and stitch the leather that is tanned using exclusively vegetal and natural agents such as chestnut or acacia. Each bag is even signed and dated by the artisan.

The leather is local, of course, and cotton and metals arrive from producers in Northern France.




The small company’s tagline is “Savoir faire de proximité” which roughly translates into ‘local know-how’.

It is even possible to personalize your bag!


I love these bags which are, in my opinion, real, timeless pieces of art! Below my favorite!


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