Horse and Anchor

Today I want to talk about a truly American brand, Horse and Anchor.

The founder, Lawrence Corradini is a Los Angeles artist and craftsman. His bags are one of a kind, completely handmade and made out of all vintage materials.


“The materials are hand picked and in limited quantities. When that particular piece of canvas or leather is gone, that’s it! At my shop in Glendale California, I wash and, if need be, repair the material before constructing the bag, leaving any printing, interesting marks and fixes that the fabric may have collected over the years. This is why some bags may be of similar styles but the little details ensure that every one is different”.


These vintage Japanese internment camp mail bags have become amazing totes and shoulder bags, lined with selvedge denim.




“Our materials and hardware are found at swap meets, flea markets, estate sales, barn and yard sales. I use as much recycled or upcycled materials as possible and they are given new life to make my bags”.

Check out this army tote, made from vintage shipping document sacks.



Now…Celine is Celine, but I really love these bags. It is possible to order them on line. Link down below.


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