Haversack is a Japanese brand, founded by Koji Norihide in 1997.

It is named after the linen and wool bags used by the American Army, famous for their strength and durability, two qualities that represent the spirit and the identity of the brand.


Above an original haversack, available at http://roslynvtgtradingco.com

Haversack collections are a perfect blend of military elements, workwear, uniform and bespoke, translated into contemporary and modern silhouettes. Koji finds inspiration mainly from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s vintage clothing archives.

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Every garment is designed and manufactured in Japan with a great emphasis on details and quality.

Koji pays a strict attention to the cut, stitching and details of his design, emphasis that few brands, especially outside of Japan, can match.

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I am in love with this pair of menswear pants with suspenders. I would love to get them for me!


Haversack has also launched its women’s collection, which is adorable. I would buy everything!

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Haversack’s loyal following keeps growing each season. However, it has only recently emerged from Japan and made it into Europe.

Check out the company web site for more information.


If you are in the mood, below a link where you can find an interesting interview to Mr. Koji Norihide. It is not a recent interview, but it can definitely help you to better understand the philosophy of the brand.



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