Haute couture socks made in France…ROYALTIES

If you visit the hosiery department at Le Bon Marché in Paris, you get caught by their amazing socks assortment, probably the best I have ever seen. You start to think that French people have a thing about socks. And it seems so…

The brand I am going to talk about today is, in fact, Royalties, a beautiful socks label, made in France.

The brand was founded by Emmanuelle Plescoff & Tim Pic in 2010. They both have an extended experience in the fashion business, having worked for many years at the Christian Lacroix’s creative studio in Paris.


Tim and Emmanuelle use for Royalty the same creativity, innovation and attention to detail as it was a proper apparel collection, getting inspiration from different sources: Ivy league, music culture, art, archives and old books collected over the years. This makes their socks special and unique accessories.

High quality, tradition and newness combined together with a French touch.

I am in love with this pair of long striped socks whose inspiration comes from the old school socks worn by Ivy League students.



And what about these special edition socks made in collaboration with the iconic French brand Le Mont Saint Michel, whose pattern comes straight from vintage family business archives?


It is hard to pick up a pair of Royalties socks. Every season the brand offers a great variety of styles: stripes, jacquards, cables, fair isles and checks, to name a few.



Most importantly, all the socks are handmade in France, in a family owned factory that has been making socks since 1938. Tim and Emmanuelle use only the highest quality silk and cotton yarns which ensure the best comfort and durability.

The production process is handled by expert artisans with a great care and attention to detail. The outcome is an extremely high quality product which is part of Royalties’ philosophy.



I highly recommend you to check out the company’s website and, if you are in Paris, make sure to visit Le Bon Marché…Royalties has its own space there!

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