Grease Point Workwear made in Seattle

I have never been to Seattle and it is definitely in my top ten cities to visit.

It is in Seattle where Amos Culberson lives. You probably don’t know who Amos Culberson is. His label Grease Point Workwear is specialized in durable, handmade workwear.

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As you know, Peppino is particularly interested and supportive of craftsmanship, having covered the great stories of a lot of “one-man-brands”, from Zace Mayers to Ben Viapiana, to name a few. I deeply admire people who are able to handcraft clothes or accessories: handmade products have such a great value and appeal that it is hard to find in the anonymous and boring  mainstream market, no matter if it is a high street label or a designed brand.

I came across Grease Point a couple of weeks ago on Instagram. I started to follow its account and I fell immediately in love with Amos’ work.

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Amos moved to Seattle from Colorado where he was born and raised in his family’s organic peach farm. Talented skateboarder and biology student, he started at a young age to use an old sewing machine to make jeans, learning the ropes of design and pattern making. A few years later what was just a hobby became a profession.

Grease Point Workwear was born out of Amos’ need to make durable, high quality, functional and good designed jeans. He makes the clothes he wants to wear, but can’t find in the market (I really wish I was able to use a sewing machine:)).

Amos designs and manufactures denim and leather goods by hand in his small workshop in the Fremont neighborhood, Seattle.

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His iconic and unique creations are double knee jeans, workwear trousers that are suitable for working outdoors and skating, with a beautiful look and tailored fit.

The work trousers are available in both selvedge denim and twill and they feature thoughtful details such as reinforced knee panels and a knife pocket. Amos sources most of his raw materials only from Candiani, Nihon Menpu and Cone Mills.

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I would love to visit Amos’ workshop one day to see how his jeans come together (and possibly have a pair made for myself, seeing that it is so hard to find a good denim for ladies!).

Visit Grease Point Workwear website to learn more about the brand and make sure to order a beautiful custom made work trouser!

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