Granted Clothing a stunning knitwear company, based in Vancouver

Granted Clothing, the label I am going to talk about today, is a premium hand-knit company, established in Vancouver, specialized in timeless and unique chunky hand-knit sweaters and accessories. The owner of the company is Minoru Hirano who took over the family business in 2007. Hirano’s Japan-born father started the company in 1978 after moving to Vancouver.


Granted Clothing sweaters are made with only the highest quality, pure, virgin wool coming from New Zealand (wool that is used directly from one sheep and it is not a mixture of leftover wool batches).  All of their sweaters feature designs and graphics made using the intarsia techniques.



The style of our chunky-knit sweaters has been given a variety of labels, such as Fair Isle, prairie sweater, Canadian heritage sweater, “grandma sweater,” Mary Maxim sweater and most commonly (and mistakenly) Cowichan sweater… 




These warm, soft and incredibly durable sweater, are all hand made, from start to finish, in Vancouver, using old fashion knitting method (it can take up to 25 hours of knitting to craft one sweater). “We believe handmade sweaters have a touch of magic in them—they’re rooted in tradition, and no two are ever truly identical”. One of the most original and iconic feature on the Granted Clothing sweaters is a wooden pull-zipper, made with the finest Canadian wood.



All the Granted Clothing sweaters balance a vintage inspired look and traditional craftamanship with a fit which is extremely modern and contemporary. The collection is so cool and awesome! I really recommend you check out their shop and place your order.

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