Golden Bear Sportswear: authentic American jackets from San Francisco

I love tattoos. I have a few, and everyone has a special meaning to me. One of them features the skyline of San Francisco. I spent a few years in San Francisco after my degree and this city definitely got me. The brand I am going to talk about today, Golden Bear Sportswear, was founded on the waterfronts of San Francisco in 1920s. It is named after the California’s ‘state animal’, the bear, which is also its signature logo. Their headquarter is located in Potrero Avenue, not far where I used to live.



Still a family business, Golden Bear is one of the oldest American heritage companies, making durable, tough and timeless jackets worn by dockworkers and pilots in WWII.



Their iconic piece is the varsity jacket, a cornerstone of American Ivy League culture. They started to produce it in 1950s. The jacket, available in both daring and more traditional color combinations, has now evolved featuring a slim and contemporary fit.




All the jackets are still hand-crafted in the Potrero Avenue factory, using the highest quality materials and a paying a great attention to detail.


Schirley Zisman, the owner of Golden Bear, has a theory about what’s made the brand so appealing over time: “San Francisco has a certain sophistication, yet it’s also edgy. We’re not flashy at all, like some other cities might be. I think that’s like our garments.” 

Having lived in San Francisco, I agree with Mr. Zisman. If you don’t know this brand yet, I highly recommend you to check out the company’s website and get one of their amazing jackets.

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