Forager Co. a textile gem in Pennsylvania

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I just joined the Instagram community.

I am proud to say that I don’t have 10k followers and I always check out who has started following me. That’s how I discovered Forager Co.

Forager co. is a handmade small clothing and leather goods company, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, founded by Bryan Norris.

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They design and produce utilitarian and functional products with vintage and historic textiles, old stock denim and salvaged leather. All the materials they use are mostly made in USA.

“The antique quilts are fine examples of early American textiles and craft.  The handsome vintage blankets and woolens used are often from US mills – many now shuttered. The denim is old stock from the closed American Cotton Growers in Littlefield, Texas”.

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Every piece is individually made in local family businesses where Mennonite and Amish craftsmen have been sewing for generations. “No standard production schedule. Farm and families first”.

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In these beautiful workshops little has changed over the years, gas and coal still providing energy for operating light, heat and the antique leather working machines.

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When asked in an interview what inspires his work, Bryan said: “Acts of kindness and generosity. The diversity and beauty of humankind. The creativity of others. Nature. Indigenous people and cultures of the world. Early American craft. Japanese aesthetics. A good song and the musicians behind it. People working together for a greater good. The life of people making the best of their situations. Connecting with others. Love”.

Nothing else to add. Simply amazing. I wish Brian all the best for his project. Please check the company website and admire the beautiful, inspirational pictures.

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