Endrime, the devil is in the details!

Endrime (pronounced “end-rhyme” a word derived from the old forms of Arabic love poetry) may be an unfamiliar name to most of you.

The founder of the brand is Mr. Mohsin Sajid.

Sajid is a British born denim designer who has worked in the denim industry for 12 years, when he finally decided to create his own brand.


The concept behind Endrime is to focus on clean and modern design, as well as details, such as leather backed buttons, concealed rivets, a continuous selvedge fly, tailored belt loops and an internal selvedge waistband, to name a few.


Details are very important for Sajid, both inside and outside the jeans. Check out, for instance, the front pocket bags.

On the right pocket bag are printed the icons of all the machines used to make the jeans; on the left pocket bag you can keep track of the wear and wash process. Pretty amazing.


The production is made in Japan, in England and in Hong Kong. The denim is exclusively Japanese or American, coming from the best mills, including Cone, Collect, Kaihara, Amhot, and Kurabo.


Another peculiarity of Endrime are the ergonomic designs. Saijd uses a system that creates a true three dimensional shape that fits around the knee for freedom of movement.


Be sure to drop by their website to check out the full collection. You might want to treat yourself with a complete hand stitch jeans, a piece of art.


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