Crowder watches, handmade in Great Britain

Today I want to talk about a very special brand: Crowder watches.

I don’t wear a watch and I am not a fan of watches in general, however if I had to buy one, I would definitely opt for one of these amazing handmade pieces.

The founder of this small, niche label is James Rea. James was raised in a family that has been working in jewelry and watchmaking for at least one generation and he has been learning traditional craftsmanship from a young age.


James was lucky to inherit his grandfather’s watch. A vintage, classic Army watch that was given to his grandfather, Frank Crowder, for serving the Great Britain during the World War Two.


James loved this watch so much that he decided to create, in tribute to his grandfather, the Crowder ATP Watch. blackleatherfinal_large

He managed to keep the unique retro and vintage style of the original, using the same durable acrylic glass used for military watches. At the same time, he updated it for modern reliability with a quartz movement from Ronda, one of Switzerland’s leading movement makers.

The Crowder ATP Watch is available in 4 colorways and it is delivered in an authentic, metal case.



If you are looking for a special Christmas present, you found it! Check out James’s website for more information.

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