You can get addicted to socks…Oybō!

I must admit that, when it comes to clothes, I have developed, over the years, some addictions. As you probably know, denim is my biggest one. I also can’t have enough striped t-shirts. My wardrobe is quite “boring” and predictable in that sense.

Lately I have been buying a lot of socks, yes, you read it right, socks. Socks are my latest passion: I usually wear my pants rolled up and I love to wear colorful and funky socks, to add some interest and personality to my outfit.

I have become quite an expert in socks labels. The most unique and interesting is definitely, Oybō, which I am going to introduce to you today.

The way I got to know this brand is quite bizarre. I have been pretty active on Instagram and I have been following two special people, one is Michael Pretolani, creator of the brand G.A.V.E.T.T.A. (stay tuned because I will write a post about him soon) and the other one is the French artist and designer, Alexandre Bellenger. Looking at their feeds, I got intrigued by their socks and I found out that they were wearing Oybō.




Oybō was established in Padua, Italy in 2011 by two friends Lionello Borean and Eusebia Lupo. Oybō is the first brand of odd socks.


What makes their socks so special and unique is that they are untuned: “one pair with two different souls”, one pair with different yet coordinated socks.

“It represents the desire not to take ourselves too seriously, to brighten upeveryday life and passion… and it all begins here. Oybō loves to mix masculine and feminine, to emphasize accidents and to advocate the singularity of each personality. Whether you are a rocker or a banker, boyish or dandy, Oybō is at the crossroads of all roads”. 

The Oybō socks are manufactured and designed entirely in Italy and are sold mainly online and in a few selected shops. You can choose to buy one pair or one pack with 5 different socks to match together. Difficult to pick up your favorite, as all the patterns (stripes and different types of jacquard) are super nice.




The only problem with these socks is that they are addictive! I am actually about to place my order (and I have already a few pairs…). Have fun and check out their website!

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