My favorite books about denim

There a lot of nice books about denim around!

My last purchase is Jeans of the Old West: A History. (picture below taken from WGSN).


This book offers a great look at the whole era of Old West denim. Lots of color photos and amazing illustrations, patent drawings and the histories of the manufacturers.

I would recommend two other publications.

The first one is Denim Dudes: Street Style Vintage Workwear Obsession. (picture below taken from WGSN).

Amy Leverton, a denim expert, in the industry for 10 years, has looked into the denim world and its history, including insights from leading denim business people like Adriano Goldschmied, Jason Denham and many more.


Can I show off my copy signed by Amy? I am so proud of it!


The second one is A Denim Story: Inspirations from Bellbottoms to Boyfriends. (picture below taken from WGSN).


A Denim Story is a blue jeans bible, created by the minds behind Current/Elliot.

It looks at the myriad possibilities of blue jeans, showing beautiful images of blue jeans styles. Featuring icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Patti Smith, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss, this volume is definitely full of ideas and inspirations.

In my wish list there is this new publication. My Archive by Antonio di Battista. (picture below taken from WGSN).


Published by the Italian (yeeeeeeee) mini magazine Crackers, this is book is curated by Antonio di Battista, owner of Blue Blanket Jeans and famous denim collector.

Antonio di Battista has been involved in the denim business for more than 20 years. On his frequent trips to U.S.A. and Japan he found the most rare and beautiful indigo denim pieces which result is an archive with more than 3.000 historical pieces. The book shows his prized vintage denim archive from the area 1900 till 1950.

Check out his brand, Blue Blanket Jeans. Link down below.

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