Be Street, Sneaker Freaker and Clown shoes!

For all of you who are sneaker freaks, there are a couple of magazines that I would like to recommend you.

The first one is Be Street. Be Street is a French publication (all the articles are translated into English as well so you can practice both languages) dedicated to urban culture, fashion, art, music and design.


They usually dedicate a quite exhaustive section on the new sneakers launched in the market.

Check out also their shop page. You might end up buying a super cool t-shirts with typical street wear prints! Look what I found!


The second one is Sneaker Freaker, a sneaker bible!


I just bought the last issue and I found a treasure! Do you know that Vans made clown shoes?


Vans clown shoes were produced for squeaky the clown. In the late 60’s the founder of Vans, Paul Van Doren could not afford any advertising. He then used squeaky the clown for in store promotion and openings.


If you want to know more about it click the link down below, a paradise for Vans lovers.

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