Atelier de l’Armée, bags with a story to tell…

When I lived in Amsterdam I was about to open a store with a very good friend of mine, Emanuele.

We prepared a detailed deck with the list of the brands we wanted to stock and a rough business plan. Unfortunately our cash flow strategy was not strong enough and our investor didn’t buy the package (big mistake, Hank).

I am telling you this to introduce the brand I would like to talk about today: Atelier de l’Armée. This label was one our first choices for the store.

Atelier de l’Armée (“Army Workshop”) is a company based in Amsterdam, founded by Joost Doeswijk and Elza Wandler in 2012.


Their bags, handcrafted in family owned factories in the Netherlands, are unique and incredibly beautiful.

Currently Atelier de l’Armée runs two collections, the first one is called the “Collectors”, made with high quality dead stock, military fabric and recycled materials.



“For the love of the old, the worn, the rusted, the faded, the stained and the patched.”  This harmonic mix of different materials, weather is a German military mail bag from 1939 or a dead stock of Japanese selvage denim, makes all the Collectors bags unique and one-of-a-kind.


The second one, called the “Series” includes a more everyday-accessible range, featuring durable and functional roll-top backpacks, crossbodies and large totes, all made of water-repellent canvas and cordura.




If I manage to open my store (Emanuele won’t be my partner as he is now in the food business), I will definitely stock Atelier de l’Armée. In the mean time, buy one of those amazing bags on the company website.

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