Anachronorm, vintage inspired denim brand made in Japan

The label I am going to talk about today, Anachronorm, is by far one of my favorite brands out of Japan.

Founded in 2004 by Tomoki Tanushi, this amazing vintage inspired brand, is based in Okayama, an area of Japan renowned for producing the finest denim in the world.


Derived from the word Anachronism – a thing of the present that belongs to the past – Tomoki offers vintage workwear inspired clothing, featuring the highest quality and a meticulous attention to detail.

The label uses authentic techniques and antique machinery to reproduce high standard workwear pieces from throughout the 20th century, finishing each piece with areas of distress and repair that recreate the look of the original garment.


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Their motto is “the next vintage for the next era”. Every piece is a piece of art, treated and processed with spots, tears, washings, balancing up an unique vintage, ‘usured’ feeling with a modern and contemporary twist.

I have collected some of my favorite outfits coming from Anachronorm’s lookbooks.







Fall in love with this brand and visit the Anachronorm’s website.

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