Hello, my name is Simona.


I have been working in the ‘fashion’ industry for a long time.

About one year ago I decided to create PeppinoPeppino. Over the years I have developed a great passion for denim, craftsmanship and Japanese aesthetic.  “Clothes with a soul and a heart” (as Mark McNairy says in his book “F**k Ivy). This is what PeppinoPeppino is about. 

I choose the brands to write about simply because I get emotional in front of their vision and products. 

PeppinoPeppino is also a platform that supports handmade products, both accessories and clothing. “One-man-brands” is an area that will be developed going forwards. Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to be updated about my latest projects. 

If you want your brand to be featured on PeppinoPeppino, suggest me a label that you think would be relevant for the blog, share your comments or insights on something, or simply say “hi”, please send me an e-mail: info -at- peppinopeppino.com.