A spiritually driven brand: akkadenim

I have been in contact with akkadenim for quite a long time. After following them on Instagram, I had finally the chance to talk with one of the founders, Miles, who shared with me his vision for akkadenim.

This brand is definitely the most revolutionary label in the clothing market.

The brains behind this project are Miles Chinn and Hill Law. They both have worked in the “corporate” denim and fashion business for a long time. Miles has spent many years helping Westerns brands to break into the Chinese market, while Hill is a well-known denim developer, responsible for producing jeans for some of the world’s most famous denim brands (Miles calls him “The King Of Denim”).

Tired of the outrageous profits made by the global fashion labels through their ridiculous mark-up, in 2014 they felt in need of a change and decided it was time to create a brand whose goal was not making margins, but support non profit children’s charities by offering the finest denim with responsible pricing.

“We wanted to created something that made people feel good about what they wore”, says Miles, “not just because it looked good but because it was produced ethically and gave back to children in need.”  The brand’s motto is in fact ‘wear what you feel : feel what you wear’.

Currently, Dara Children’s Trust in Cambodia and Sahasra Deepika foundation for education in India are the recipients of akkadenim’s profits.

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According to Miles (and I totally agree with him), consumers, especially the young generations, pay more and more attention to how companies operate, looking for quality at a better price.

Miles and Hill use all their denim know-how to create beautiful and high quality jeans, with a great attention to detail at an affordable price (£42 – £59 per piece). Each pair of akkadenim is produced in one of the most well-known denim factories in Asia and comes with refined materials such as French copper buttons, 7.2 gram rivets and superior quality fabrics.


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The label is currently competing in the Denim World Championships with a gorgeous 32oz. selvedge jeans which is completely handwoven. Strips of denim were interlaced by hand in a Tibetan village (where akkadenim would like to expand its philanthropic objectives).

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If you are looking for a pair of jeans, try akkadenim. Currently their products can be purchased at the company’s website. Also, please support their cause via Kickstarter.

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