A day in Berlin

The other day I was discussing with a very good friend of mine about our blogs.

We started this activity more or less at the same time. He has an amazing food blog that I highly recommend you to visit: http://guyslovecooking.com.

Blogging can be frustrating sometimes, as you would like people to read what you write. And it is not easy as there is so much going out there that you are like a drop in the sea.

Anyway Emanuele, my friend, told me that I should be more personal. Fair enough, I might be going forward.

However, my blog is not like the majority of the fashion blogs where bloggers take pictures of themselves wearing some cool stuff. My blog is like a journal. It is my store, where I virtually display what I like.

Today I want to get a bit more personal and talk about my day in Berlin. I woke up with the goal to discover the cool Berlin.

I started my journey in Mitte. I have already talked about this area in another post dedicated to one of my favorite stores, 14 oz. I stopped there, of course, to check out the latest arrivals.

I couldn’t avoid to have a look at Do you read me?, a paradise, where you can find all sorts of fashion magazine. They have everything you are looking for, including Japanese magazines!


I spent some time there, bought 3 Japanese magazines and then I headed towards my next stop: Bikini Berlin.

Bikini Berlin is not a beach…it is a super cool department store, full of amazing concept shops. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Berlin.



At walking distance there is another department store: the Kadewe, my last stop. More traditional than Bikini Berlin, but equally interesting to browse around.


Despite all this window shopping, I managed not to buy anything (a part from the magazines, but it does not count, does it?. Very proud of myself!

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