• A spiritually driven brand: akkadenim

    I have been in contact with akkadenim for quite a long time. After following them on Instagram, I had finally the chance to talk with one of the founders, Miles, who shared with me his vision for akkadenim. This brand is definitely the most revolutionary label in the clothing market. The brains behind this [...]

  • Leno&Co. a beautiful Japanese label

    I remember as it was yesterday the first time I bought a Japanese magazine. I was in a bookstore in Japan Town, San Francisco and got caught by the images of Popeye, the popular menswear magazine. Even if I could not understand the text, I had to buy it, as I was completely fascinated [...]

  • Grease Point Workwear made in Seattle

    I have never been to Seattle and it is definitely in my top ten cities to visit. It is in Seattle where Amos Culberson lives. You probably don't know who Amos Culberson is. His label Grease Point Workwear is specialized in durable, handmade workwear. As you know, Peppino is particularly interested and [...]

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